Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let's Try This Again

It's been well over a year, since I've tried my hand at the blogging world. The main reason I put this adventure on hold was I possessed a dying laptop that would take hours to publish posts. Well that and I started this little hobby at the beginning of summer, when there was way to much fun to be had outdoors! Fast forward to now and I am still a busy mama, working in the world of corporate marketing, pining for an outlet for a bit more creativity, a spot to journal and throw my voice out onto the interwebs. So with a shiny new laptop in hand, a year and a half of blog reading and lurking, I have a more solid idea of what I want this space to become, I'm trying for a second time and hoping this habit sticks! Welcome Back! I'll be back tomorrow with my first blog giveaway!

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