Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Off and Running

I've signed up for the biggest challenge of my life- the Wineglass Half Marathon on October 5th, 2014!  I've been running a bit more lately and was asked by my friend Amy to be her partner in the Hall of Fame Half Marathon Relay, we had only a few weeks to train but I had such a blast a few other friends convinced me to sign up to do a full Half Marathon with them this fall!  Running, wine, flat course, great swag- sign me up!  I'm full of excitement and nerves, but have researched and created a do-able training plan, I'm not speedy so my goal is 2.5 hours, I thought I'd keep an online journal of my training, to keep myself accountable and to remember the journey!  Anyone with advice, please share, I'd love any tips!
Hall of Fame Half Marathon Relay

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